Assembled Trike Bikes cannot be shipped because of their size and the certainty of damage. Assembled Trike Bikes can always be collected from our Gold Coast business. There is a charge of $100 to assemble, pre-delivery service and test ride each Trike Bike before delivery.

Trike Bikes are normally supplied, unassembled in 2 cardboard cartons as shown below with full assembly instructions.

Carton 1 contains the Baskets

Size is 55cm long x 45cm wide and 32cm high

Total actual weight is 2kgs but the shipping companies charge on volume weight

Cubic Volume = 0.06m3 x 250 (standard cubic conversion) = 15.75kg volume weight

Carton 2 contains the Trike-Bike

Size is 108cm long x 65cm wide and 28cm high

Total actual weight is 27kgs but the shipping companies charge on volume weight

Cubic Volume = 0.20m3 x 250 (standard cubic conversion) = 49.14kg volume weight

Shipping is charged to you at our cost price, we normally ship by TNT Courier who provide a very competitive price with delivery to most places in Australia in less than 5 working days to most locations.

The delivery price quoted below is $79, this covers Australia East Coast - Typically South of Mackay, Brisbane area, Sydney City, Newcastle and Melbourne City areas only.

Other rural locations which means.... anywhere outside of the major city area, anywhere rural, anywhere out of town or SA, NT, WA and TAS costs more for shipping, sorry but there is nothing we can do about this.

Just ask and we will be happy to quote a shipping price for your Trike Bike delivery.

Should you have your own preferred shippers we are happy to work in with your arrangements.

To get a quote for delivery to your location please use the contact form below.

To receive a quote on shipping to your location please contact through this form or email
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20 Inch Folding Trike

24 Inch Electric Trike

Cargo Trike

Important shipping information

Trike Bike parts are securely and individually wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent shipping damage, it is unlikely, but possible that there may be some slight damage or scratches to the parts when they arrive especially to remote location in outback areas, where the roads are rough and the boxes are handled many times.

Whilst we do our absolute best to avoid any damage by using 7 layer cardboard boxes and have all parts wrapped in bubblewrap sometimes damage or scratches may occur.

As part of the shipping process we take out insurance for up to $100 for shipping damage, this includes scratches caused by rough handling by the different couriers but its difficult to claim.

Please be aware of this fact when ordering your Bike, we will do our absolute best to help you should any damage occur but we are not responsible for shipping damage.

Please, If you don't agree to these shipping conditions then please don't order.

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